About Smartbots Inc.

With over 25 years of experience in developing cutting edge digital lead generation systems, Smartbots Inc. is a collaboration between Maya Media Inc. and Reach Nexus Inc.

Our Smarbot systems have been developed to meet the demands from automotive buyers and dealerships for a measurable, scalable, and customer centric sales and marketing solution that also meshes with an increasingly digital landscape.

Smartbots are designed to increase sales and retention, while vastly decreasing your ad spend and time needed to complete a transaction. The result? An average increase of 250% in qualified sales and service leads with a 80%+ decrease in ad and acquisition costs.

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Combining the reach of Facebook’s Messenger platform and our state of the art Artificial Intelligence Interaction engine, Smartbots Inc. is on the cutting edge of user driven sales systems for the Automotive Industry.

Simply put, Smartbots allow you to:

  • Micro target prospects in your PMA, segmented by location, purchase intent, age, gender, vehicle purchase history, vehicle preferences, income, and an additional 480 targeting criterial.
  • Capture and segment prospects by their interactions – i.e. vehicles looked at, time spent, number of repeat visits, and how far along they are in the purchase cycle.
  • Follow up with engaged propspects automatically or manually if you choose, depending on the actions they have taken within the Smartbot
  • Re-engage with buyers and leads by offering incentives to bring them to your lot or to schedule service

All while having thousands of simultaneous conversations and saving on customer service cost, reducing your ad spend by 80% or more, and increasing your lead rate by 200%.

Stacy James Fry

The 2013 Bell Media National Fellowship recipient, former Direct/ Producer and Associate Publisher of Stash Magazine, Co-founder of Kootenay Coop Radio, Co-founder of The Smartbots Inc. and Founder of Maya Media.

Mr. Fry is a Project Director with experience planning, launching and optimizing video centric content marketing systems for Fortune 500 and hundreds of other companies since 2008.

Anish Duggal

Anish Duggal is a Digital Marketing Strategist and Co-founder of Reach Nexus, and Smartbots Inc.

With a 25 year background in marketing and business development, Anish specializes in developing cutting edge systems designed to reach and convert audiences via channels best suited to your businesses’ core demographic.

Gaurav Duggal

Gaurav Duggal is a Digital Marketing Strategist and Co-founder of Reach Nexus, and Smartbots Inc.
He brings 15 years of experience with digital marketing solutions and training, having worked with clients spanning the globe, & trained hundreds of companies worldwide.