Reduce Your Customer Acquisition Costs by Up to 98%

While Measurably Increasing Your Automotive Sales

What Is a Smartbot?

Welcome to the new generation of frictionless automotive sales. We take care of your targeting, follow-up, and qualification, while saving you over 80% on your current ad costs and increasing your lead generation rate by upwards of 200%.

Smart Auto Bots are a new hyper intelligent lead generation tool that automatically generate pre-qualified buyers for dealerships, faster and at a lower cost than any other method in use today.

The Smartbots Inc. Advantage


With an 88% market penetration rate and an audience of 1.4 Billion worldwide and growing, our Smartbot technology can reach almost your entire market. Additionally we automatically micro target the most qualified buyers in your PMA (down to a block) and filter out and follow up with only those prospects that are ready to take action.


Smartbots have been shown to increase your lead generation rates by 250% while decreasing acquisition and marketing costs up 80% and up. This means more profits and scalable growth for your dealership(s).


Every single interaction and ad dollar is measurable and can be directly traced to our Smartbot lead generation and sales systems. Simply put this means no more wasted ad spend, and a completely predictable acquisition cost that can be scaled up or down as needed.


Smartbots allow your prospects to drive the sales conversation.This leads to much better qualified leads, considerably lowered acquisition rates, and a high retention and re-marketing rate.


Your inventory and service offerings are automatically pulled into your smartbot, allowing prospects to find what they are looking for, schedule appointments and test drives, apply for credit, and get in touch as when it is conversationally natural.

All of this is synced with your existing CRM and leads are automatically funneled to the appropriate staff to finalize the sale or service.


Your Smartbot is available 24/7 and is capable of handling thousands of conversations at once. Free up time and staffing resources by allowing our advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms guide your prospects through their purchase journey, take care of follow-ups, and get them to the point of sale, while you focus on growing your business.

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